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Second Book: “The Zarnian Vodka Paradox”


The Zarnian Vodka Paradox is a fabulous place bursting with excitement and thrilling moments where sudden flashes of brilliance and chasms of dark mysterious forces collide and compete for sovereignty in strange lands. When, however, Fantasy merges with the land of Science Fiction we are treated to a whole new experience that takes us on flights of fancy in intergalactic space. Robert Albert’s latest book, The Zarnian Vodka Paradox, treats his readers to a rollicking ride in outer space with a cast of characters who possess futuristic technological skills only dreamed of today. When Ray Berger travels to Key West Florida with friends, he decides to have a vodka martini and then a few more until eventually he loses all restraint and finds a new sense of exhilarating power. The more vodka he drinks, however, has the effect of occasioning the loss of all control and replacing it with debilitating weakness. Thereafter, Ray’s continuing episodes have him falling in love with Zara, who convinces him to regulate his vodka powers to assist her in her efforts to save her planet Zarnia which is doomed to destruct in ten years. The book follows Ray and Zara’s exploits as they meet up with a succession of colorful characters all with strange diverse miraculous powers.

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The Land Beyond

Somewhere there exists a civilization unlike our own. It’s not here and it’s not there. It’s not close and it’s not far. But, it certainly is somewhere! They don’t know about us. We don’t know about them.

“Well then,” you ask, “How do you know? If we don’t know, how do you know?”

I reply, “Because I once existed there and now I don’t. I am here instead. But, I remember. I am a mistake because I remember.”

 One of the big differences between them and us is very interesting. If one of them struck another causing the other pain, then he or she receives the same amount of pain immediately in return.

So, for example, if I strike you over the top of your head with a big stick, I will immediately feel that same pain in return.

You can see that would limit man’s inhumanity to man!

So, in that civilization, where I used to be, and you now know about, people live in peace. What a wonderful civilization it is!

Robert Albert