Peanut Island Near Palm Beach, Florida

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First Book: “Look What I Found Inside My Head”

Look What I Found

Look What I Found Inside My Head

A Series of Of Short Stories and Poems. Sample Segment Follows.

Amphitheater Lake Trail

I am sitting with my feet propped up on my desk. This is my favorite position for pondering the imponderables of life. It is 3:30 in the afternoon and the rigors of my daily rut have bored and tired me. There are many three-ring binders, filled with technical computer manuals, resting on the shelves behind me. On the table to my left is a lifeless computer terminal. The system it connects to is out of order; not operational. It was as if I was watching television and the cable company blew to smithereens! How frustrating.

The desk is cluttered with letters, scraps of notes, pens and a phone. The phone seems to ring a call from a time gone by, as my mind wanders, in search of something exciting to help shed my weariness.

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Second Book: “The Zarnian Vodka Paradox”


The Zarnian Vodka Paradox is a fabulous place bursting with excitement and thrilling moments where sudden flashes of brilliance and chasms of dark mysterious forces collide and compete for sovereignty in strange lands. When, however, Fantasy merges with the land of Science Fiction we are treated to a whole new experience that takes us on flights of fancy in intergalactic space. Robert Albert’s latest book, The Zarnian Vodka Paradox, treats his readers to a rollicking ride in outer space with a cast of characters who possess futuristic technological skills only dreamed of today. When Ray Berger travels to Key West Florida with friends, he decides to have a vodka martini and then a few more until eventually he loses all restraint and finds a new sense of exhilarating power. The more vodka he drinks, however, has the effect of occasioning the loss of all control and replacing it with debilitating weakness. Thereafter, Ray’s continuing episodes have him falling in love with Zara, who convinces him to regulate his vodka powers to assist her in her efforts to save her planet Zarnia which is doomed to destruct in ten years. The book follows Ray and Zara’s exploits as they meet up with a succession of colorful characters all with strange diverse miraculous powers.

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