Music Ableton Live 10 Trial

Usually, I post short stories or poems on this site, but today I have some music that I produced using my trial version of Ableton Live 10.

My motivation is that I quite often publish Youtube videos and get a bit sick and tired of being warned that I using copyrighted material. So, I’ve been trying to make my own music using garage band. Ableton is quite a bit better.

Here are some examples that I’ve been able to build or assemble using Ableton and classical music midi files.

Micro-Processors On Parade


Microprocessors on parade on beach

Once a year near April the first,
From the depths of engineering,
They emerge one by one,
And march south on sand,
Between ocean and dune,
On a quest as noble as any,
Can possibly be these days.

They are the microprocessors,
That power tomorrow’s robots,
full of artificial intelligence!
Our technological tools,
enabling us to compete,
with all the future countries.
On this planet and others.

Planets discovered with certainty,
when SETI achieves its goals,
Not only will we know them,
But they will know us!
Whether they be allies?
Or whether they be foes?
Technology progresses geometrically!


First Book: “Look What I Found Inside My Head”

Look What I Found

Look What I Found Inside My Head

A Series of Of Short Stories and Poems. Sample Segment Follows.

Amphitheater Lake Trail

I am sitting with my feet propped up on my desk. This is my favorite position for pondering the imponderables of life. It is 3:30 in the afternoon and the rigors of my daily rut have bored and tired me. There are many three-ring binders, filled with technical computer manuals, resting on the shelves behind me. On the table to my left is a lifeless computer terminal. The system it connects to is out of order; not operational. It was as if I was watching television and the cable company blew to smithereens! How frustrating.

The desk is cluttered with letters, scraps of notes, pens and a phone. The phone seems to ring a call from a time gone by, as my mind wanders, in search of something exciting to help shed my weariness.

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